Castle 04x23 Always Extended Kiss Scene

I’m sorry. I have to comment on the fact that both of them—BOTH of them—after FOUR YEARS of ridiculous amounts  of sexual tension actually managed to take things slow once they got to the bedroom. I seriously thought they would be flying at each other and ripping off clothes, but I am so touched that they both realize how important this moment is to them and they took their time. That’s unspeakably sweet. I am so happy they let us see this scene. It’s just beautiful and I adore it and I adore them even more knowing that their first time was like this. Especially with Kate letting Castle take the lead. [/ugly crying]

yes, yes and YES AGAIN !!

They were so GENTLE with each other…it’s like they embraced the 4 years of sexual tension shutting that front door and then ..OH MY..and THEN  they just took time to know every inch of their bodies and it’s SO REALISTIC…Unlike many shows and movies were the first time is all wild and stuff…and…AND….AND I JUST HAVE SO MANY FANFIC THAT GO THIS WAY ! 


Katherine Beckett!!

She is an amazing cop/detective and a fiance.I love her attitude and her way of handling people such as Castle <3 <3 ,I really wish she has a happy ending in season 7 with Richard!! Best homicide detective at the 12th Precinct.Love u Stana Katic for such a good role!


that moment right there kills me, because we see how even Gates breaks for a brief second thinking about Beckett standing on a bomb while there’s nothing she can do about it. she loves her as much as everybody else there does.


Wardrobe Repeats [1/?] - Grey sweater
3x12 | 3x15 | 3x18 | 4x17 | 5x19 | 5x24

Me thinks she doth like that sweater.

"These people end up becoming like a family, you know? Got a good group here they’re really wholesome and they’re… kind and they’re sweet. And so, I’m glad to be able to come to work with a lot of them." - Stana Katic


Lets play a game how many times I can watch Always Deleted scene before i die

'In the Belly of the Beast' Deleted Scene (x)




Kate Beckett + her mom’s ring

"Wherever she is she’s proud".


I didn’t know how much I actually needed to see Castle and Beckett laying in bed together, him hovering above her while they kiss passionately. Well, now I do.



4x23 Always [completed scene]


We have PERFECT writers! Love these guys 😁


On Location with Stana - Castle